NEW Ford Mustang


Iconic, powerful and dynamic: this is the next generation, new Ford Mustang.

Performance, refinement and efficiency personified, the New Ford Mustang’s cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technologies unite to redefine a legend.

Choose the unmistakeable silhouette of a Fastback, or the streamlined profile of a Convertible, then select your level of power: 2.3-litre EcoBoost or 5.0-litre V8.

Visualise your dream Mustang now…

Introducing the New Ford Mustang Fastback

Embodying the spirit of Mustang in an ultra-modern form, the Fastback’s long bonnet flows downwards to reduce drag, helping the car to cut through the air with ease. Front splitters enhance down force, enabling you to enjoy the New Ford Mustang’s outstanding performance. And distinctive headlamp and rear light designs, along with other signature features, leave you in no doubt as to the car’s identity. With a range of sophisticated technologies, all designed to heighten your experience at the wheel, this is an utterly driver-focused sports car.

The new Mustang Convertible: made for the open road.

Described by Ford Chief Designer Joel Piaskowski as a “beautiful horizontal bullet”,the New Ford Mustang Convertible is an expression of pure driving freedom. Perfectly proportioned from every angle, a flowing beltline wraps around the cabin opening to define it. An entirely new folding mechanism enables the roof to fold away in seconds, deep into the body to maintain the car’s streamline appearance and aerodynamics. And a subtle ‘kick-up’ on the boot helps create down force, bringing the car’s power and torque to life through its rear-wheel drive. Roof up or roof down, the New Ford Mustang is sure to leave a lasting impression, wherever you take it.

Every aspect of the New Ford Mustang exists to enhance the car’s capabilities on the road or on the track, even in the most challenging conditions.

A range of clever features and advanced technologies combine to make life easier. So you can concentrate on enjoying the New Ford Mustang driving experience to the full.

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