General Repairs

What do you get with Ford Essential repair services? How about:

Upfront pricing so you’ll always know the upper limit of what you’ll pay. For example, you can replace your front brake pads for no more than €115 on a Ford Fiesta (Check here for Ford Essential repairs prices)

The assurance of knowing that all prices include parts, labour and VAT (so no hidden extras to surprise you when you get the final bill)

Ford genuine parts that are fitted by specialist Ford-trained technicians

FORD eCHECK (our Multipoint visual Health check to give you a comprehensive picture of your car’s health – at no extra cost to you)

A complimentary car wash and windscreen detergent

Our local price match guarantee* on servicing and repairs

If any work is needed, it’s carried out using only Ford genuine parts, ensuring your vehicle will perform to its optimum level.

Full Price List

Repair Small Car (KA, Fiesta, Fusion) Medium Car (Focus, C-Max) Medium Car (Focus, C-Max)
Periodic Maintenance
Coolant Change €45 €45 €45
Air Conditioning Service €80 €80 €80
Air Filter €40 €40 €40
Cabin Filter €40 €40 €40
Brake Fluid Change €65 €65 €65
Timing Belt* €335 €350 €420
Timing Belt* (Incl. Water Pump & Coolant) €575 €570 €625
Front Windscreen Wipers €40 €40 €45
Rear Windscreen Wiper €20 €20 €25
Battery €130 €150 €160
Front Brake Pads €115 €130 €140
Front Brake Pads & Discs €220 €260 €305
Rear Brake Pads/Shoes €130 €130 €130
Rear Brake Pads & Discs n/a €255 €280
Front Shock Absorbers €350 €360 €435
Rear Shock Absorbers €230 €255 €325
Headlamp Alignment €25 €25 €25

Published prices are recommended retail prices, valid for cars 5 years and older, at all participating Ford dealers.
Valid until 31/12/2014.

*Excludes Wet Belt fitted to 1.8 Diesel Engines

Important Information

1. The service and repairs prices listed under the Ford Essential 5+ Service serve as recommended prices only. The Motorcraft 5+ Service is available at participating for Ford passenger cars over 5 years old (from date of registration) with up to and including 2.0 engines and is applicable to retail customers only. Published prices include parts, labour, and VAT. ST and RS models, commercial vehicles, and LPG derivatives are excluded.

2. The Motorcraft 5+ Service applies to Ford retail customers only and consists of the following elements;

•    Engine Oil & Oil Filter Replacement
•    Cabin or Air Filter Replacement
•    Free eCheck
•    Free Check for Outstanding Service Actions or Software Updates
•    Complimentary Car Wash
•    Price Match Guarantee (underwritten by Ford Ireland)
•    NCT Guarantee
•    National Recommended Prices for Frequent Repairs & Tyres
•    One Call (1800 77 11 99)

3. A Ford Essential 5+ Service includes an oil filter and engine oil replacement, safety, environmental and functional checks, disposal of waste oil etc., and a complimentary car wash. The service also includes the replacement of the on-board cabin filter or the engine’s air filter. Note: A cabin filter prevents pollen, dust, or odours from entering the vehicle through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. The air filter prevents foreign particles from entering the engine’s combustion chambers, which when clogged, can lead to increased fuel consumption, potentially shortening the life of the car. Your Ford Service Advisor will determine which of the two filters requires priority replacement. In some instances, both filters may need to be replaced. However, no additional chargeable work will be undertaken without the express agreement from you.

4. The offer of an ‘eCheck’ refers to a visual inspection of the vehicle by a Ford licensed Technician or Ford Service Advisor. All visible items, such as the tyre condition, exterior lights, fluid levels, body and paint check, etc. are duly inspected as part of the eCheck process. If the eCheck identifies any additional work required, this will be advised and quoted for separately. No additional chargeable work will be undertaken without the express agreement from you.

5. The offer of a ‘Check for Outstanding Service Enhancements and Software Updates’ refers to an inspection of the vehicle’s engineering/warranty history via an online electronic technical information system. Any outstanding safety recalls, service actions or software update relating to the vehicle will be carried out at no cost to you.

6. The offer of a ‘Price Match Guarantee’ refers to any service quotation received from any licensed independent, or non-Ford affiliated workshop, within a 10 km radius of our Ford workshop, offering a service price lower than that of the Dealer’s listed price, or the national recommended Motorcraft 5+ Service price, whichever is lower. An alternative quotation must be provided by the customer before work has been undertaken by the Ford Authorised Repairer (AR), in which case the lower price will be matched, providing the customer produces a written quotation for an identical job, including genuine Ford-supplied parts, from a repairer who is subscribed to the SIMI Code of Practice. In all cases, the Ford AR reserves the right to check and validate the qualifying quotation and to refuse any claims under this programme which they reasonably believe do not meet the eligibility conditions.

7. We reserves the right to make amendments to the price and content of the Motorcraft 5+ Service at any time.

8. As part of the Ford 5+ Motorcraft Service should you agree to have all repairs carried out resulting from the Ford Essential Service health check, and your car subsequently fails the NCT test within three months of the repairs, your Ford Dealership will cover the cost of the NCT re-test. The value of the re-test will be deducted from the total bill once the value of repairs is in excess of €100. To qualify for the Ford 5+ Motorcraft Service, the actual test must be carried out within 3 months of the repairs being undertaken by the dealership and a copy of the failure sheet must be presented to the Ford Dealership in full.